Prominent Figures

Justice Anna Chandy First Woman Judge of India

Born in 1905 and raised in Trivandrum. After obtaining a post-graduate degree in 1926, she then became the first woman in her state to get a law degree.

Fathima Beevi

Justice Fathima Beevi Supre Court Justice and Tamilnadu Governor

First female judge to be appointed to the Supreme Court of India (1989). She is the first woman judge of a Supreme Court of a nation in Asia and has served as the Governor in Tamil Nadu.

Justice Manjula ChellurFormer Chief Justice, High Court of Keral

Chief Justice of Bombay High Court. She was the first woman Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court, was the Chief Justice of Kerala High Court and the first female judge of the Karnataka High Court.

Justice Janaki AmmaHigh Court of Kerala

Former judge of the Kerala High Court from 1974 to 1982. She is the second woman in India to be a judge of a High Court. She was active in freedom struggle during the period 1940-44.

Justice K.K. UshaFormer Chief Justice of High Court of Kerala

She was a judge and then Chief Justice in the high court from 1991 to 2001.She was the Chief Justice from 2000 to 2001. She was the first woman to join the high court from the bar and to become a Chief Justice.

Justice K.K. Usha

Justice D. SreedeviHigh Court of Kerala

Justice HemaHigh Court of Kerala

Kerala High Court Judges

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